Senescent cells

Project Update 25th September 2018

We have published an update for the project over at LEAF the org behind where the MMTP raised funds for the project. We will be posting all future updates to the Project Update section over at LEAF and this website will remain for historical purposes.

Campaign Update: 5th March 2017

Hello dear friends! We are delighted to let you know that we have successfully received the funds from the last big donor, the t-shirts and the bags have now been produced, and we have started sending them out. Be sure to check your email for shipping notification as some parcels are already on the way. Thank you for your patience and trust! Hopefully in the next two weeks you will receive your reward!

Research Update: October/November 2016

As you all know we concluded our campaign successfully in May thanks to the support of the community. We thought it was time for a small update and to assure you that the team is busy working on getting science moving foward faster for the benefit of everyone. We are working on a number of things so here is a short summary: