Cancerous Cells

Inspirational Researchers: Dr Richard Miller

The historical assumption has been that, human aging is a natural process, and one that is not amenable to medical interventions, however, in recent decades the weight of evidence has shifted to the contrary. 

Crowdfunding for Aging Biomarkers

There is an urgent need for quality metrics and biomarkers to prove efficacy of an intervention in the field of regenerative medicine. This is a small but important project that will benefit all of us working in the regenerative medicine field as we can use such metrics to demonstrate the efficacy of our research and further promote investment in the field.

We Know Nothing about Longevity Drug Interactions

One of our collaborators Josh Mitteldorf is proposing a system for us to rapidly test not only single compounds but also how we might also test combinations of compounds and how we can measure efficacy and synergy. The MMTP is working with Josh and a number of other lifespan researchers in order to create a practical protocol for testing multiple combinations using smaller mouse groups and yet allowing us to achieve quality results.