Edouard Debonneuil

The Major Mouse Testing Program is a project that is aiming to speed up progress up by rapidly testing longevity interventions – research which would have taken decades can be done sooner. It is also plausible that some interventions, when combined could have a synergy where the effects are greater than the individual compounds.

This has certainly been the case with Dasatinib & Quercetin where the two compounds formed a synergy in excess of their properties separately as this work at Scripps, Mayo clinic confirms.

Edouard Debonneuil is a former biology of aging researcher at UCLA, the Pasteur Institute and Inserm. He is now a life actuary specialised in biometric risks. He is President of the French ILA branch ("Longévité Santé"). Member of the board of Heales (Healthy Life Extension Society), European NGO based in Brussels. He is a strong supporter of the Gerontology research group (GRG) and Longecity. Edouard is alo the co-author of a book called "Longevity Risk".

Edouard is the founder of the MMTP project having initialized the idea for the project originally and helped create the team that is today moving forward with the research to make his original idea a reality. 


Edouard Debonneuil
MMTP Founder