Project Update 26th December 2016

Hello dear friends! Firstly we would like to wish you all a Happy Holiday and secondly we would like to update you on the developments with our project.

Recently we have been busy conducting in-vitro culture testing of the chosen candidates and after two rounds of testing we are almost finished. The reason we have opted to test in culture prior to moving into full testing is that a number of renowned labs have controversial data on how Dasatinib and Quercetin affect senescent cells separately and in combination. Therefore we are testing the efficacy of these compounds and combinations before committing to testing them in mice. Should the data confirm that these compounds are not effective, have no fear because we have a candidate list of other senolytic compounds we can test instead.

Regarding campaign rewards, there has been a slight delay we are working through. In addition to the funds raised during the campaign which have been allocated to research, we also rely on the support of partner organizations. One major such donation is arriving a bit later than expected, in February. As this amount was slated for the production of the gifts, the delivery of the t-shirts and the book Aging Prevention for All must take place after the receipt of these funds, approximately March 2017. We wish to apologize for the delay and to thank you for your patience.

The good news is that we have had some additional time to work on our book, and have thus made it even more informative and interesting through the addition of new sections, covering emerging biotechnologies to bring aging under medical control and more. The text is mostly complete, and we will send this out along with the other rewards when ready. Thank you.