Crowdfunding for Aging Biomarkers

There is an urgent need for quality metrics and biomarkers to prove efficacy of an intervention in the field of regenerative medicine. This is a small but important project that will benefit all of us working in the regenerative medicine field as we can use such metrics to demonstrate the efficacy of our research and further promote investment in the field. The cost of metrics and testing has fallen in recent years but with so many different tests available there is a need for a cohesive and agreed series of biomarkers for aging that are able to demonstrate any reversal of aged phenotypes to a high degree of accuracy. Elliot Small and his team are working with Harvard University to create a definitive biomarker system which potentially all researchers like us could use in our studies. It is a small project that has already reached its first goal but it is some way from reaching its second goal. With only two days left to hit its second goal they need our support.

About This Project

Harvard Medical School has reported successful aging reversal using genetic and biochemical methods in the labs of Dr. George Church and Dr. David Sinclair. The Church lab has encouraged us to provide a system to validate such results by testing whether human subjects actually function physically at a younger age. We will research which functional aging biomarkers (reaction times, sense of touch, etc.) and which testing techniques can provide the most useful results.

More details about the project can be found here and a video explaining their H Scan system a useful aging biomarker is here.