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Seek and Destroy!

Our friends at H+ magazine have kindly published an MMTP article about senolytics and our research. Inflammation caused by Senescent "death resistant" cells is a significant driver of the aging process and our work in this field could help speed up progress and understanding in this area.

ABT-737 is Another New Senolytic Drug Candidate, Working via BCL-W, BCL-XL, and Induced Apoptosis

Our friends at fightaging have posted about another new Senolytic ABT-737 which we have talked about before here but this is a more detailed article covering the potential of this second generation BCL inhibitor and its potential for clearing senescent "death resistant" cells more efficiently than previous candidates.

Medical Mavericks: Professor Judith Campisi

Medical Mavericks: Professor Judith Campisi, of the Buck Institute.

 by Paul Vincent