Crowdfunding for Aging Biomarkers

There is an urgent need for quality metrics and biomarkers to prove efficacy of an intervention in the field of regenerative medicine. This is a small but important project that will benefit all of us working in the regenerative medicine field as we can use such metrics to demonstrate the efficacy of our research and further promote investment in the field.

Senolytics: Navitoclax

ABT-263 aka Navitoclax is confirmed as a Senolytic by a second research group

Senolytics: further health benefits discovered

Targeting senescent cells enhances adipogenesis and metabolic function in old age has been demonstrated in new research paper here. The researchers used a JAK inhibitor to reduce the negative signalling produced by senescent cells, whilst the results are interesting the better strategy here is to completely remove such cells and thus eliminate the need to manage the negative signallling.