Senescent cells

Help Crowdfund Senescent Cell Clearance as a Therapy for Aging at the Major Mouse Testing Program

Reason at the regenerative medicine blog Fightaging! has stepped up to show his support for the MMTP and our research. He has published a detailed summary of the importance of crowd funding science and in particular our current campaign.

Seek and Destroy!

Our friends at H+ magazine have kindly published an MMTP article about senolytics and our research. Inflammation caused by Senescent "death resistant" cells is a significant driver of the aging process and our work in this field could help speed up progress and understanding in this area.

ABT-737 is Another New Senolytic Drug Candidate, Working via BCL-W, BCL-XL, and Induced Apoptosis

Our friends at fightaging have posted about another new Senolytic ABT-737 which we have talked about before here but this is a more detailed article covering the potential of this second generation BCL inhibitor and its potential for clearing senescent "death resistant" cells more efficiently than previous candidates.