Dr. Alexandra Stolzing

Lead Researcher Germany

Alexandra has her main research team in Loughborough, UK but acts also as Principal investigator for projects at the University of Leipzig.

The mouse facilities in Leipzig are fitted with excellent rodent facilities providing a high level of animal care combined with state of the art equipment ideal for the demands of animal health and lifespan studies.

With over fifteen years in the medical research field and a decade of working with regenerative medicine Alexandra brings substantial experience to our project. She has worked with stem cell transplants and other rejuvenation techniques and is keen to explore new possibilities in the rapidly advancing field of regenerative medicine. Some of her achievements so far include developing a new way of creating iPS cells for clinical use to help develop therapies for aging and also developing stem cell treatments for Alzheimer’s. Alexandra and her team are proposing to test a number of compounds that may improve health and promote healthy longevity.

In previous tests her group have used cellular reprogramming strategies in order to reinstate regenerative capacity in aged stem cells. Some of the techniques her team have explored include:

Induced Pluripotency: Her group has used a novel technique to de-differentiate aged and specialized cells back to a pluripotent state giving it similar differentiation potential to embryonic stem cells, this resulted in superior cells for use in regenerative medicine.

Cell Conditioning: research data from basic aging studies have helped her to develop advanced protocols for modulating cell fate and survival. Using specially adapted cell culture techniques, a carefully controlled environment and supplementation with certain cell culture factors, she is refining methods of maintaining and increasing the differentiation potential of adult stem cells.

Alexandra has fifty five published research papers to her credit and you can learn more about her previous work here to give you an idea of her impressive range of skills and specialist knowledge.

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