Research Update: October/November 2016

As you all know we concluded our campaign successfully in May thanks to the support of the community. We thought it was time for a small update and to assure you that the team is busy working on getting science moving foward faster for the benefit of everyone. We are working on a number of things so here is a short summary:


Experiment: Dr Stolzing reports that the paperwork for our animal testing application is proceeding with the German Government. As many of you probably already know, animal testing has very strict regulations surrounding it and the MMTP must satisfy various criteria and ethical considerations before permission is granted to begin testing. Unfortunately as with many things in scientific research this is not a quick process and with researchers, rodent facility staff, University staff and government officials all needing to communicate and complete various paperwork it can take some time before things can begin. Animal testing applications can take upwards of six months to complete due to the extremely complex nature of the paperwork but we hope to begin as soon as possible. 


Once we have permission to begin we will order our mice from Charles Rivers one of the highest quality lab mouse breeders in the world and we will update further once our furry friends have arrived!


T-Shirts and bags: We are currently in negotiations with the a new printing company as our original supplier had issues with the complexity of the order and the international shipping. As a result it has been a lot slower than we hoped originally due to a number of issues such as colours no longer being available and some other technical problems with shipping. We are trying to get the production started and the gifts out to our donors as soon as possible and would like to apologize for the delay.


E-Books: We have contacted donors asking for their book choices a few weeks ago and are now starting to send out E-books to those who have replied. Unfortunately not everyone has got in touch. We will be contacting those donors again next week to try to finalize this so we can start sending out the rest of the E-books books. In future we will include a gift tier for each book offered so book choice is known from day one saving us time. Experience is a good teacher so we will know for next time. 


Aging Prevention For All Book: Progress with the book has been much slower than hoped due to having several authors and a decision being taken to include an entirely new section on emergent technology and a total revision of the charts and data included to better reflect a global audience. The original version of the book was focused on Russia and the authors wished to create a much more global version this time around. We are however now not far from layout of some of the chapters and are well along with finalizing the book content. We hope that you will agree the wait was worth it once you see how much information and evidence based science has been included. 


Longevity Panel: We are starting to think about hosting our longevity panel and have a number of researchers ready to join us with guest donors. We hope to chase people down to mutually available dates in the next few weeks so we can set a time for the show which should prove to be very popular indeed.


Meet the team: For those donors who wanted to meet the team we havent forgotten you! We are waiting a little longer so the experiment can launch and we have something exciting to talk about with you. 


Once again a huge thank you to our gold sponsors Leon Apel, Arthur Helfstein Fragoso, Andrey Ulitin and Jeremy Wertheimer who along with all our supporters have helped make this research a possibility.