World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day

by Elena Milova




Today is World Cancer Day, and I propose that it is not enough to merely name a day after the problem. The problem must also be solved, and to solve it - you need to understand the root causes.


The main cause of cancer - is a predisposition of the body to age.  From the very first day of life, with the first division of a fertilized egg, the mechanisms of aging begin.


In dividing cells, DNA damage can occur randomly even under normal conditions. The human body has a sophisticated repair mechanism that allows us to eliminate some of the damage, but sadly not all.  And there is also a system that eliminates cells with defective DNA - this is the function of our immune system. But it is also not 100% effective.  As a result, when a the critical mass of damage and failure of our immune systems is reached, neoplasms develop. I am simplifying this greatly, of course.


Just when it happens, depends on the state of the individual. Some will get it in childhood (when, due to active growth and developmental processes, we observe the largest number of cell divisions and therefore most DNA damage occurs), some in middle age because of "the chemistry of food and environmental pollution", as well as because of unhealthy lifestyle choices.  Older people, who experience age-related decline of the immune function, develop cancer most often, because they are losing their last line of defense.


Given that many of us will die of cancer caused by processes related to aging, we need to not only think about this problem on not just one day of the year, but constantly.  To think about it, and more importantly seek solutions.


If we understand how to strengthen the body’s immune system and how to maintain its function as we age - we will find more effective approaches to prevent and treat cancer. Most of the drugs already known to extend life, also postpone and slow down the development of cancer and inhibit the growth of tumors. Through studying animals who don’t develop cancer, scientists have already discovered differences in their immune systems, that are more powerful and sophisticated than anything we humans have. In my view there is a high probability, the solution will be found very soon by conducting more research in the field of gerontology.


And if we support research into treatments against the diseases of aging today, tomorrow we will have something that also protects us from cancer.


How much are you willing to invest in a bright future, free from cancer and the other diseases of aging?