Rapamycin has been shown to increase animal lifespan and is a compound suitable for a positive control as the lifespan increase from using it in mice is fairly predictable. As our project expands to incorporate additional phases and labs we will likely utilize this compound as part of our quality control approach, all our labs should get the same increase in lifespan, this then confirms the quality of our facilities. Geroprotectors.org shows the following lifespan metrics and tests confirming the efficacy of Rapamycin on lifespan:

NameOrganism_nameMean LS (%)Median LS (%)Max LS (%)Reference
RapamycinDrosophila melanogaster7 3320017609
RapamycinMice 261424341993
RapamycinMice9  19587680
RapamycinMice13  19587680
EverolimusDrosophila melanogaster16.6  22363408