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Project Update 25th September 2018

We have published an update for the project over at LEAF the org behind where the MMTP raised funds for the project. We will be posting all future updates to the Project Update section over at LEAF and this website will remain for historical purposes.

LEAF Panel: How to Promote Longevity? ft. Drs. Aubrey de Grey, Alexandra Stolzing, Oliver Medvedik

Recently Dr. Alexandra Stolzing, Dr. Aubrey de Grey, Dr. Oliver Medvedik and a number of other guests discuss longevity, advocacy and rejuvenation biotechnology in an exclusive live streamed panel hosted by the Life Extension Advocacy Foundation (LEAF). This panel, moderated by LEAF president Keith Comito, talks about the latest progress in rejuvenation biotechnology and about how to engage, educate and excite the public regarding cutting edge medicine.

Longevity Panel June 2017

We are currently organizing our Longevity Panel with Alexandra Stolzing, Aubrey de Grey and a number of other guests. We hope to livestream the science panel to facebook in June and will confirm the time and date shortly.
The longevity panel was one of the rewards for donating to our fundraiser last year on and we are very excited about bringing this to our supporters soon.