We Know Nothing about Longevity Drug Interactions

One of our collaborators Josh Mitteldorf is proposing a system for us to rapidly test not only single compounds but also how we might also test combinations of compounds and how we can measure efficacy and synergy. The MMTP is working with Josh and a number of other lifespan researchers in order to create a practical protocol for testing multiple combinations using smaller mouse groups and yet allowing us to achieve quality results.

Fight Aging: MMTP

Fight aging has written about our work and it good to hear that Reason who writes this excellent longevity blog is in support of our work. He writes a nice summary of the potential not only of the MMTP but also for the wider regenerative medicine field and how the work we are doing here might contribute to that.

The Black 6 Mouse

The Black 6 or the C57BL/6 mouse is often used in life extension studies and the lifespan of this strain is well documented. This type of mouse also has the distinction of being the second mammalian species after Humans to have its entire DNA sequenced back in 2002.